Something you Don’t See Every Day, Insane Drag Racing on ICE!

This video was shot by Jacob Marshall at the Merrill Wisconsin Ice Drags at the end of February 2015, and you can see lots...

Shocking Footage! TransAsia Plane Crash in Taiwan!

Shocking plane accident happened today in Taipei, Taiwan when a TransAsia plane crashed in the Keelung River right after the takeoff from the Taipei...

Real Life Batmobile: Man Spends Two Years Building Iconic 1989 Car

Zac Mihajlovic turned his comic-book fantasies into reality. This batman fanatic from Australia, hand-build his own version of the car from the 1989 film....

$1.7M Boat With A Chevrolette Corvette Theme

Pay Attention To This Stunning Boat. The MTI ZR48 has a pair of 1,350 horsepower turbocharged V8 engines. What really sets this craft apart...

World’s Largest Skateboard Disaster

In 2009 Rob Dyrdek and Joe Ciaglia built the world’s largest skateboard. At Camp Woodward in Pennsylvania Joe did a test run. Camp Woodward always...

Singer Will I Am New Custom Made $900 000 Futuristic Car

Black Eyed Peas singer Will. I. Am. wanted something unusual and futuristic looking for appearing at big events and what did he do?? He...

Epic Jet Pack for Epic Fun on Water

The video is shot in Oahu Hawaii with some profesional FLYBOARD stunters, so if you get your hands on one of these don’t try...

Mini Hayabusa

Say hello to the meanest Mini Hayabusa in the world! At first, this was just a small car, fun to drive but, there was nothing...

Lil Big Rigs: Mechanic Gives Pickup Trucks An Eighteen-Wheeler Makeover

The opportunities to modify a pickup truck are literally endless and amongst them there is something that is quite extraordinary. Bob Suffern and his...

Cadillac Transformed Into a Hot Tub!

Phil and Duncan actually managed to transform a 1969 Cadillac Coupe into a functioning mobile hot tub. The carpool can hit speed of 50...

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