Off Road

Off Road

Toyota Tacoma Crawl Control Demonstration!

Back in 1995 Toyota introduced a new pickup into the compact class and called it Tacoma and for the next 9 years it did...

Incredible Dodge 800+ HP 6.7 Cummins Burnout!

Amazing Dodge 6.7 Cummins burnout! And this is what you get when you combine a 6.7 Cummins pickup truck and one stovepipe chimney? Well,...

Two Girls Get Stuck in the Mud in a Big Bad...

Well it looks like they went too deep!!! Two girls get stuck as they try to get through the mud in a big Chevrolet...

1961 Chevrolet Apache Custom Pickup Truck

This is one of the coolest custom pickup trucks I’ve ever seen, a 1961 Chevrolet Apache C1434. The “C” stands for conventional cab, the...

This Lifted Dodge Challenger is a 4×4 Off-Road Beast!

This Lifted Dodge Challenger has the best of both worlds! By the book it’s a fast, iconic muscle car, and surprisingly, one that can...

2017 Volkswagen Tiguan Euro-Spec

In Europe, VW will offer the Tiguan with two front fascias: the standard fitment, and an “off road” version available with all trims that...

This Mind-Blowing 1950 Dodge Power Wagon is the Biggest Pickup Truck...

Meet the world’s largest truck!!! Massive Dodge Powerwagon… This giant pickup truck, modified from the 1950’s model, was the biggest pickup truck ever made....

Knight XV the World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle

The World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle $629,000 – KNIGHT XV Here we have the best combination of Luxury meats Safety in one vehicle. This is...

Ford F-550 Heavy D Super Six

So, the next logical step was to go 6x6 and that’s how the Super Six Ford Monster came to life. This BEAST has THREE...

Is the Ford F-650 Super Truck the Dumbest Vehicle Ever Produced?

Back at the very beginning of the century Ford decided to replace its F-600 lineup with the Ford F-650, these medium-duty commercial trucks are...

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