Off Road

Off Road

2016 BMW X6 M Typhoon By G-Power

If you ranked the tuning programs for the BMW X6 M, few would probably argue that G-Power’ s Typhoon kit ranks among the best...

Ford Shelby F150 Supercharged Truck Putting Out 700 Hp

When somebody mentions Shelby Cobra, the first thing that comes to mind is huge amount of power. Well this time it is exactly the...

Ford F650 Super Truck

It happened about ten years ago in Las Vegas during the 2006 SEMA show. A guy named Doug DeBerti showed up with a F650...

Toyota Tacoma Crawl Control Demonstration!

Back in 1995 Toyota introduced a new pickup into the compact class and called it Tacoma and for the next 9 years it did...

Is the Ford F-650 Super Truck the Dumbest Vehicle Ever Produced?

Back at the very beginning of the century Ford decided to replace its F-600 lineup with the Ford F-650, these medium-duty commercial trucks are...

Ford F-450 Black Ops Truck Fully Loaded

One of the top contenders for the baddest truck out there comes from Ford and it is the 2014 Ford F450 Black Ops, with...

Tug of war Ford Raptor vs Chevy Duramax

Welcome to another installment of the Chevy VS Ford battle, no matter which brand is your favorite (if any of the two) it is...

Crash Tests 2016 Pickup Truck

Crash Tests 2016 Pickup Truck – F-150, SILVERADO, TUNDRA, RAM Trucks are considered to be one of the safer options if you get involved in...

Knight XV the World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle

The World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle $629,000 – KNIGHT XV Here we have the best combination of Luxury meats Safety in one vehicle. This is...

Ken Blocks Ford F-150 “RAPTORTRAX” is Amazing!

Today we present you a beautiful way to deal with the mushy slippery matter and it’s thanks to the Racer/Stuntman/Adventurist/YouTube-Legend Ken Block. He is here...

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