Off Road

Off Road

Ford F-450 Black Ops Truck Fully Loaded

One of the top contenders for the baddest truck out there comes from Ford and it is the 2014 Ford F450 Black Ops, with...

Tug of war Ford Raptor vs Chevy Duramax

Welcome to another installment of the Chevy VS Ford battle, no matter which brand is your favorite (if any of the two) it is...

Crash Tests 2016 Pickup Truck

Crash Tests 2016 Pickup Truck – F-150, SILVERADO, TUNDRA, RAM Trucks are considered to be one of the safer options if you get involved in...

Knight XV the World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle

The World’s Most Luxurious Armored Vehicle $629,000 – KNIGHT XV Here we have the best combination of Luxury meats Safety in one vehicle. This is...

Ken Blocks Ford F-150 “RAPTORTRAX” is Amazing!

Today we present you a beautiful way to deal with the mushy slippery matter and it’s thanks to the Racer/Stuntman/Adventurist/YouTube-Legend Ken Block. He is here...

Ford F-350 Truck on Huge 54 Inch Tires Takes on the...

The east coast has been hit by a very bad weather lately and we have seen snow cripple slow down and even stop traffic...

1946 Dodge Rat Truck With Nitrous and Compound

When in the second sentence the guy presenting the vehicle says that it was built in house by the employees, and not just the...

Exotic Hummer H2 Transformer!

Amongst the first thing that you will notice and it will trouble you about this Hummer H2 Limo is the part that this is...

Tug of War – Ford F-350 Vs Dodge 3500

You really must watch this tug of war between a Ford F350 and a Dodge 3500. 1200 HP worth of pulling in the snow....

1960 Peterbilt Semi Truck Transformed Into a Badass Hot Road!

Feast your eyes and ears on this 1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Masterpiece!!! You might remember 2009, as the year Obama was elected President, or the year...

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