The Hoverbike Is Coming To Life!

Star Wars for real! This real-life hoverbike was created by a company in California named Aerofex. It’s a two-seater vehicle and can be adapted...

ETF Mining Trucks MT-240

This MT-240 mining truck has uniquely configured electronically managed transmission system that provides different performances. What’s more interesting is that ETF developed one and...

Inventor Jailed After Releasing This Video!

Apparently not all inventions are viewed as miracles. Paul Pantone developed an engine that runs on 80% water and yes, it works perfectly. After...

The Famous Lada – Using Wood Instead of Gasoline!

Lagunov from Donetsk rebuilt and old Lada Niva in a car that is moving thanks to wood! The car has a gasifier! Such a...

Jay Leno Upgrades His Amazing ‘06 Stanley Steamer Vanderbilt Cup Racer

This time Jay Leno shows us something that is close to his heart. We all know that he has a special place in his...

The Coolest Big-Boy-Toy Ever – 1/4 Scale ’34 Ford with a...

We’ve all heard the phrase- a boy never grows up- his toys just get more expensive. It may be worn out but in many...

1974 VW Beetle Towing a Custom 5th Wheel Camper!

The video shows off a trailer designed to attach to the top of a Volkswagen Beetle-amazing! This 5th wheel camper has a full kitchen,...

Crazy Arabic Drifts Made On A Traffic Street!!!

This is Crazy Arabic Drifts Made On A Traffic Street!!! When you see more than two Arabs in a car it’s never a good...

The Amazing 1:4 Scale RC F-16 Fighter Jet!

A dedicated aircraft enthusiastic built a truly inspiring version of the F-16. He managed to make it shockingly accurate, built at a scale of...

The Luxury Elemment Palazzo – $3 Million Mobile Mansion

The 40-foot long Elemment Palazzo is the most expensive RV ever. This futuristic vehicle is a palace on wheels. nothing compares to its luxury....

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