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Pure Insanity! 60.000HP Drag Race!

If you haven’t seen a drag race between two semi trucks, both powered by jet engines now it’s the time. In 1984 Les Shockley created the first Shockwave jet truck and this year he is celebrating 30 years anniversary. The Shockwave is powered by J34-48 jet engine and can produce up to 60 000 Hp. It’s still holds the world...

Florida’s Biggest, an Adults-Only Ultimate Mud Party

The folks that show up for this event go for the sun, the hot girls, and of course, the deep mud. The pits at Plant Bamboo were particularly thick and deep this year, and only the heartiest of rigs made it through! And if you happened to get stuck, at least the scenery was pleasant to look at! We had an...

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is a Rottweiler Amongst the Retrievers

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is stoutly built, exuding a muscular power; an all-dude machine, the Rambo of motorcycles. It’s brutal, built to last, reveal, and transform. Like that steroidal action hero, Confederate’s punchy prose is ideologically confusing. Confederate P51 Combat is just as distinctive if not a little bizarre. Neatly contradicting itself, the Fighter is also described as “Absolute...

Beautiful 1973 Pro Touring Dodge Challenger

Beautiful 1973 Pro Touring Dodge Challenger !!! Pro touring cars can do much more that just going fast in a straight line. But watch out for this one. If you are a fan of older pro touring rides you will fall in love with this this 1973 Dodge Challenger shown in Detroit in 2014, is not really over the...

Pontiac GTO – First America’s Original Muscle Car

The Goat. The Great One. The Tiger. The Humbler. Many nicknames for legendary Pontiac GTO, american car manufactured by Pontiac Division of General Motors from 1964 to 1974, and by GM subsidiary Holden in Australia from 2004 to 2006. It was a muscle car classic of the 1960s and 1970s era. The Pontiac GTO is considered to have initiated the...

Stock 1970 Charger VS a tuned V-TEC Honda Civic

Check out this fun video just to see what a stock mopar can do against a high-tech tuner. It’s filmed by a couple of guys who were riding their Chargers when suddenly a Honda driver challenged them to a quick race. So we have a Stock 1970 Charger VS a tuned V-TEC Honda Civic.

Double Blown 70′ GTO with 1600 HP

Some of the coolest cars ever build are the GTO Pontiacs. This is a 1970 Gto Pontiac called The Judge. Some of the details featured in this Gto are traditional Pontiac and some are custom made. Under the hood it has 455-based 474 cubic inch engine and 8-71 BDS blower on top of the existing 6-71. The Judge is...

2015 Can-Am Outlander 1000 ATV with 6X6 Drive!!

As you can see this is a unique 2015 6X6 1000cc Rotax liquid-cooled V twin ATV Can-Am Outlander !!! There is a 12 inch cast aluminium wheels, better control – you can set 4×6 mode to provide better traction, better steering feel, more efficient design, designed for maximum comfort, standard anti theft and hand protection and much more.

Crazy Russian With a Death Wish Surfs on His Car at 60 MPH!

Look at this crazy Russian car surfing on his car at 60mph. This is a normal day in Russia the weather is fine (about 25 Fahrenheit) this drunk guy surfs on his car and he is not scared to die because Vodka gives you wings and you can do anything you wish.

Police Pursuit a Madman With a Stolen Tank!

This is not a video game even  GTA this is real life sutiation!!! Police pursuit a madman with a stolen Tank! Look at this video see how the suspect haves so much fun and runs over cars and trees and whatnot until he gets shot dead by the Police!

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