The opportunities to modify a pickup truck are literally endless and amongst them there is something that is quite extraordinary. Bob Suffern and his company Lil Big Rig, can make your pickup look like a sized down semi truck. Based out of Nashville Tennessee this truck lover can make you a kit (or a complete truck) and then you can be a proud owner of a miniature semi truck. There are a few model pickups from as early as 1973 to as late as 2003 that he will be able to transform into a vehicle that will resemble a Peterbilt or a Kenworth. His team is all girls since like he says they are very good when working with fiberglass which is the main ingredient in this build.


Watch the video and find out how you can transform you pickup with a kit that he will sell you for as low as $12.950 or just buy the readymade vehicle for about $65 000. According to him, if you get one you won’t be able to go to a gas station without people asking you about your special vehicle.