Shaun Schroeder’s MetalWorks built Pro-Touring ‘55 Chevy

Movies like “Two Lane Black Top” and “American Graffiti” have helped to secure the 1955 Chevys place in hot rod movie history…movies that have...

Beautiful 1973 Pro Touring Dodge Challenger

Beautiful 1973 Pro Touring Dodge Challenger !!! Pro touring cars can do much more that just going fast in a straight line. But watch...

Stock 1970 Charger VS a tuned V-TEC Honda Civic

Check out this fun video just to see what a stock mopar can do against a high-tech tuner. It’s filmed by a couple of...

Unique Ford 535 Hot Rod!

Pay attention to this Custom Ford 535 Hot Rod. The older the better! Machine lovers would absolutely love this one. This Ford 535 Hot...

Jay Leno’s Car Collection!

Jay Leno is a famous television host who nurtures the love of a beautiful rides. He accepted to show his collection to CNN and...

1942 Supercharged V16 Coupé – Red Skull

Check out the coolest Coupe ever, The Red Skull personal favorite! The Hydra Schmidt Coupe is designed by Daniel Simon for the 2011 feature...

Beast! Ford GT Twin Turbo 1113 HP

There were few adjustments made to this GT like the twin turbo 4.5-litter V-8 engine by Heffner Performance that can boost the Hp up...

2000 HP on this Twin Turbo Corvette

When LMR brought their Corvette C6 at the 2012 Texas Invitational nobody knew what to expect from this car, but LMR outdone themselves. Not only...

1968 Chevrolet Camaro Roadster

SSAWD stands for Super Sport All Wheel Drive, it’s a two seater, all wheel drive roadster convertible and the owner John Wargo build this...

Shelby Mustang “1000” Ripping Out the Streets!

Look at this amazing Shelby Mustang 1000 Super Snake ripping out the streets! Under the hood of this beast lies the supercharged v8 5.4-liter...

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