The One of 1 is part of Koenigsegg’s Agera Final program that is designed to pay homage to the Agera RS and give owners an unprecedented input into the design and specification of the car. A total of three vehicles will be built under the Agera Final series. The thing about these three models is that each one, like the one seen here, will be completely unique. When it comes to the model displayed here, the customer wanted an Agera that was as close as possible to the One:1 performance-wise, while maintaining the roof window, luggage space, and stowable roof. Koenigsegg delivered in as fashionable a way as it could, debuting the first unique model at the Geneva Auto Show.


Since the Agera Final series is a three-car celebration of the sold-out Agera Range, Koenigsegg has opened its book of options to each customer, allowing any and every option to be selected as standard equipment. In addition, each model will also feature a bespoke aerodynamic treatment that will also set them apart from anything else out there. Some of the options that are now available at no cost include the 1MW engine upgrade, Aircore hollow carbon fiber wheels, and a clear or partially clear carbon finish.