Guns And Bikes! The Twin Gatling Gun Goldwing is the Ultimate...

What do you do when you see a twin gatling gun motorcycle coming down the road?-You run as fast as you can! Only demons,...

Introducing the Lewis Hamilton & MV Agusta Dragster RR

MV Agusta, started its life as Meccanica Verghera Agusta, and it is a world famous sport motorcycle manufacturer that was founded back in 1945...

Motorcycle Stunts on the Rhythm of Gangnam Style

You do not know what Gangnam Style is? Where have you spent the last four years? On Mars? This idiotic song dominated everywhere, from...

The Biggest Trick in History of Action Sports-Triple Backflip!

It’s hard to believe your eyes when watching this! However, the world’s first FMX triple backflip has been done and Josh Sheehan entered the...

Harley Davidson Hamminkeln

Here is a video of a Harley Davidson Hamminkeln, now this is a bike that believe it or not is 6 years old. Although...

Proof that the Maserati-Powered Lazareth LM847 Quad Actually Works

The craziest thing about the Lazareth LM847 isn't the 4.7-liter V8 engine sourced from Maserati. It's not the four-wheeled motorcycle design. It's not even...

Only a Superhero Can Ride Chopper City’s PS-Pod Replica of the...

You’ve probably seen the Dark Knight movie, and you’ve probably noticed the Bat-Pod motorcycle that was scary and big. Well, Dave Welch at Chopper...

Guy Martin Smash the Wall of Death World Record

Guy Martin has successfully broken his previous Wall of Death record of 70.33mph. He hit a top speed of 78.15mph while driving on the...

Rapom V8: Street Legal 1,200 HP Bad Ass Motorcycle

What to do with that spare Mopar big block you’ve got left over from your monster truck project? Why, let’s build a motorcycle! The unique...

Confuse the Cops with this Fearsome Helmets!

Wearing a helmet is a must when riding bikes, this is the first rule that every biker should learn and stand by it. No...

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