Guy Martin on a Superbike vs David Coulthard in a Red...

We have seen many car vs bike comparisons, but this is the ultimate test; Guy Martin on his BMW superbike against David Coulthard in...

Guy Martin Smash the Wall of Death World Record

Guy Martin has successfully broken his previous Wall of Death record of 70.33mph. He hit a top speed of 78.15mph while driving on the...

Motorcycle Stunts on the Rhythm of Gangnam Style

You do not know what Gangnam Style is? Where have you spent the last four years? On Mars? This idiotic song dominated everywhere, from...

Monster Trike: 1000Hp Hemi V8-Powered ‘Rocket II’

The trikes can give you the “mile-eating” comfort that many sport bikes, cruisers cannot. The trikes become more popular especially among the people who...

The Process of Spiking a Motor Tire!

The man in the video show the tedious process of sports bike tires spike construction screws. He uses a drill driver and apparently he...

Amazing Turbo Diesel Motorcycle

Nowadays diesel engines are gaining more of the spotlight so we thought it might be a good idea to take a look at this...

Yamaha Raptor With Yamaha R1 Engine 180 HP

Check out this custom creation Yamaha Raptor with Yamaha R1 engine 180hp. Airbrush paint, chrome side exhaust systems, cool wheels, aggressive tone, easy for...

Extreme Roller Coaster Ride With a Trials Bike

We all love roller coasters because they increase our adrenaline which (we can all agree to this) feels pretty nice. But there are some...

Bomber Babe Rides KTM RC8R Bee-DrifteR

Well, she has more balls then all of my friends who are too much of pussies to get bikes. More chicks should ride. G-String...

Harley Davidson Hamminkeln

Here is a video of a Harley Davidson Hamminkeln, now this is a bike that believe it or not is 6 years old. Although...

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