Rolls-Royce already has one of the most comprehensive lists of additional features compared with all the other car makers, and it is now complemented by another: the model Dawn -Inspired by Fashion.

This luxury convertible with the roof down getting a new palette of colors and a multitude of new materials for the interior. Dawn variant was created by a team of top designers from the world of fashion, luxury accessories and sophisticated materials as part of the Spring / Summer collection for 2017.

The exterior is in “Andalusian white” color, with accents in one of three available bold colors for the roof and various accents on exterior and interior – Cobalto Blue, Mandarin and Mugello Red.


The interior is in black and white with accents in color, and the front and rear doors have inserted silk, and Spirit of Ecstasy emblem on every door.


White dashboard looks like it is made of silky material, and it is due to aluminum particles embedded at the finish line, through a process that lasts for 9 days for a car.

Responsible for the design of the Rolls-Royce Dawn to Giles Taylor (director of design company), Cherica Haye (specialist textile Royal College of Art) and Michelle Lusby (expert on skin that has worked for Mulberry, a company known for exceptional quality leather products).