The Mayhem of GTA is Brought to Real-World Through this Amazing...

This right here is one of the best GTA V-related videos that we have seen lately. The folks at Corridor Digital really did it...

Full Scale Monster Truck with Remote Control!

We’ve all had a remote control cars when we were kids, but this guys took things to the next level, they have a full...

Pure Insanity! 60.000HP Drag Race!

If you haven’t seen a drag race between two semi trucks, both powered by jet engines now it’s the time. In 1984 Les Shockley created...

2 Stroke V8 Engine!! Imagine What You Can Do With It!

By the sound of this you would’ve thought it’s an engine from a Ferrari, but it’s or it was an old boat engine, but...

Jet Fueled School Bus

If you are a school bus driver and you’re always late because of irresponsible children, than it’s time for a serious upgrade on your...

Crazy V8 Bar Stool with 395 HP!

This is the craziest thing i’ve ever seen in my life! Big Chevy V-8 engine 395hp powered bar stool. The speed of this crazy...

Epic Ride – Off-Road Champion with a Custom Polaris RZR

These are some of the most hardcore stunts you’ll ever see. They are performed by Off-Road Racing Champion RJ Anderson, a professional driver and stunter....

Crazy 150HP R1 Go Kart Run

A one of a kind custom frame built made especially for this R1 engine Go kart. It goes 0-60 in 2 seconds-170 mph top...

Real Life Batmobile: Man Spends Two Years Building Iconic 1989 Car

Zac Mihajlovic turned his comic-book fantasies into reality. This batman fanatic from Australia, hand-build his own version of the car from the 1989 film....

Something you Don’t See Every Day, Insane Drag Racing on ICE!

This video was shot by Jacob Marshall at the Merrill Wisconsin Ice Drags at the end of February 2015, and you can see lots...

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