Amazing Semi Truck Jump

It looks like it came straight from a Transformers movie, for all we know this is Optimus Prime in live action! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fhfj2HQegtA

1974 VW Beetle Towing a Custom 5th Wheel Camper!

The video shows off a trailer designed to attach to the top of a Volkswagen Beetle-amazing! This 5th wheel camper has a full kitchen,...

Ferrari Enzo Doing Rally

Click play to see something you’ve never seen before. It’s a 650bhp, blimmin’ expensive and blimmin’ rare Ferrari Enzo rallying around a farmer’s field. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z-4v4I7Gzk0

Crazy Russian With a Death Wish Surfs on His Car at...

Look at this crazy Russian car surfing on his car at 60mph. This is a normal day in Russia the weather is fine (about 25...

$1.7M Boat With A Chevrolette Corvette Theme

Pay Attention To This Stunning Boat. The MTI ZR48 has a pair of 1,350 horsepower turbocharged V8 engines. What really sets this craft apart...

Baddest ATV EVER! All Terrain Mini Ripsaw!

Howe & Howe Technologies are behind of some of the craziest and most extreme vehicles ever and recently they introduced their latest invention, The...

Pure Insanity! 60.000HP Drag Race!

If you haven’t seen a drag race between two semi trucks, both powered by jet engines now it’s the time. In 1984 Les Shockley created...

The Hoverbike Is Coming To Life!

Star Wars for real! This real-life hoverbike was created by a company in California named Aerofex. It’s a two-seater vehicle and can be adapted...

Ultra-Luxury Private Submarine Comes With a Pool

It has 4 hatches, 2 on each side generating large beach terraces, wide main deck beach club, bar and a pool as well as...

The Coolest Big-Boy-Toy Ever – 1/4 Scale ’34 Ford with a...

We’ve all heard the phrase- a boy never grows up- his toys just get more expensive. It may be worn out but in many...

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