Feast your eyes and ears on this 1960 Peterbilt Hotrod Masterpiece!!!
You might remember 2009, as the year Obama was elected President, or the year Michael Jackson died.

We on the other hand, remember it because that was the year we first laid eyes (and ears) on Randy Grubb’s “Pissed Off Pete” at SEMA 2009.
Randy took a 1960 Peterbilt Semi Truck model 351 and from it, he created a real masterpiece. He cut welded and glued aluminum together until it reached a form of a truly badass Hotrod.


But once he had the looks Mr. Grubb did not stop there, no sir. He was not satisfied with just our eyes watering, he decided that in the vicinity of such greatness, our ears need to bleed as well.

This brute can scream at the top of his lungs thru Supercharged V-12, and boy does it scream. To prove the noise, turn up your speakers, play the video, and make a note on the guys in the back covering their ears.