The biker was shooting this video and witnessed this whole event when a motorcyclist was hit by a car. When he saw what the car driver did, he reacted very bravely and went after him. This whole situation was recorded from the biker’s camera in his helmet, and as we have a chance to see, the motorcyclist didn’t do anything wrong. Suddenly the guy in the MPV swerves into the scooter and the motorcyclist fell on the tarmac. The car drives away like nothing happened, the biker’s passenger jumps off the bike to help the victim and the biker starts to chase the car.

When he confronted the hit and run driver, he explained that he has to do that because the scooter driver was flicking the finger at him. What a stupid excuse. The biker called the police and thankfully that he got the situation recorded on camera. The faith in humanity restored, and the justice was served. Hope that hit and run driver will serve some jail time!