The 1985 IROC Z28 falls into one of the best top 10 cars of 1985. Many of you may not know this, but IROC is actually an acronym for ,,International Race of Champions”, an event in which all kind of motorsports drivers compete each other in identically prepared cars. The revolution of the IROC’s cars is probably not visible on the outside but with some hard work Chevrolet surpassed many when it comes to quality and class. Z28 is big and heavy. Despite the heaviness this car is fast and really gets the job done.

This Camaro has a front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, and 2+2 passenger and 3-door coupe. It is very distinctive and belongs to the group of cars which were one of the first to wear 16-inch wheels in America, as standard equipment. These kinds of specifications don’t sound big, but back in 1985 they represented a big deal.

The IRONIC Z28 in the video is found in a truck, new and untouched.

Luck is an existing concept after all!