The tuned pony car isn’t quite as potent as Ford’s own GT350.

Owning a Shelby Mustang still carries a certain amount of cachet among auto enthusiasts. While Shelby American’s new GTE package for the pony car doesn’t have nearly the output of the GT350, it still gives buyers the bragging rights of owning one of the brand’s vehicles. The models are also hotter than the standard GT.

Shelby American just unveiled the GTE during the Mustang Club of America’s meeting at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. The package pushes output of the GT’s 5.0-liter V8 to 456 horsepower (340 kilowatts), which is up from the stock 435 hp (324.4 kW). Alternatively, customers can order it on the EcoBoost version for a boost to 335 hp (249.8 kW), versus 310 hp (231.2 kW) from the factory.

The mechanical upgrades largely come from Ford Performance. For example, Shelby installs the cat-back exhaust from the Blue Oval’s in-house tuner. The GTE also gets the Ford Performance Handling Package that includes parts like lower springs, an upgraded sway bar, and new upper strut mounts.


Despite the fairly modest power upgrade, Shelby American gives these Mustangs an attractive makeover. They wear the firm’s vented hood, carbon fiber front splitter, and rear spoiler. The cars ride on 19-inch Ford Performance wheels. There are also plenty of Shelby badges on the exterior and inside, so no one can think these models are stock. Customers can bring either a coupe or convertible to the tuner for the upgrades.

Shelby American also offers a long list of options for customers who want a little more. Performance-minded buyers can get things like upgraded brakes and different rear end ratios. There are also aesthetic upgrades like Katzkin leather seats and additional carbon fiber exterior parts.

According to Shelby American’s Website, the GTE package costs $17,999. The pricing means a Mustang GT, which starts $33,545 after destination, would be $51,544 with these upgrades. For comparison, Ford’s own 526-hp (392.2-kW) GT350 begins at $56,495 after destination The GTE is available now but exclusively in the United States and Canada. Shelby American plans to sell them elsewhere eventually.