Did I just say something about a monster? Well, they call the biggest monster truck in the world “Bigfoot 5”. That should be enough to tell you that nobody here is exaggerating anything. Consequently, “Bigfoot 5” is one of the most popular trucks in the USA. Those who prefer truck over cars and other types of vehicles surely dream of getting on this thing and showing everyone who is the boss. Bob Chandler, the creator of the biggest monster truck, is surely one of those people.

“Bigfoot 5” debuted is 1986 and it made a huge fuzz among truckers. When something is first and unique in the whole wide world is definitely gets the attention. But, seeing something so huge and powerful= there is just no way you’ll miss something like this when you see it.


The biggest monster truck in the world is 15’ 6’’ tall. In addition, it weights 28000lbs and has a 460 c.i. engine. Well, leave it to your imagination to figure out how much horsepower and gas one will need to get thing thing driving around. While we’re at the matter, “Bigfoot 5″ uses high octane racing gas and features 16 BIGFOOT Signature Series Shocks. Moreover, it has a C-6 automatic transmission and is 13′ 1″ wide ( (20′ 5” with duals).

Nevertheless, what’s really intriguing are the the tires. The biggest monster truck in the world features 120 x 48 x 68 Firestone Alaska tundra tires and of course, are pretty huge. Well, each of the tires weigh approximately 2400 lbs so, it’s no wonder the biggest monster truck in the world is called “Bigfoot 5”. Take everything into consideration and you’ll surely want to see the enormous monster in action.