Blown 1968 Dodge Charger. This awesome video of this blown 1968 Dodge Charger was shot at the Mojave Desert. The guys from TJR Films and Engineered Imperfections (EIINC) made a really great job with this one. Despite what it looks like, this is not a vintage Dodge Charger commercial, but a footage for the music video for Mann’s hit song “4AM”.

Haitham Sghayer from EIINC says that the Charger’s name is Deftrap, and it is supposed to depict how death is lurking young people who have vice, like booze and drugs. Well, you don’t have to watch the music video for “4AM”, just watch this video with the Doors’ song “Break on through”.

Dodge Charger

1968 Blown charger

Geplaatst door 2nd Generation Dodge Chargers op woensdag 16 december 2015