A Lamborghini Aventador is a car that demands attention, no matter if you get it in white, black, or fluorescent green. Seriously, this is one sharp ride no matter the color.

If you want to one up any color out there, though, and give this already flamboyant supercar an even more explosive look, this is what you do.

Instead of just dolling this car up with a bright color, these guys completely trumped the competition’s looks (pun intended) by wrapping it with the face of the leading GOP candidate himself.

That’s right, this raging Italian stallion has been covered with the face of the Donald Trump and this time, the Trumpventador makes its way to the nation’s capital.

Check out the car that has been Trump’d out for the Goldrush Rally as it takes a leisurely stroll around the city during the rally’s Washington D.C. stop.

It looks like the car managed to demand the attention of everyone around, including the President’s very own security detail, the Secret Service, who stopped to admire the unique car.