Ladies and gentlemen, this thing right here could be the coolest monster truck ever made and it’s called “Sin City Hustler”! It was made by BTR Motors, and it might be their best work so far! They’re also uncertain if it’s a monster truck, or a limo… Well, it has the body of Ford Excursion, it’s 32 feet long, 12 feet high, and 11’8″ wide…

Custom fabricated wheel wells, of course, what else would fit the monstrous 66″ x 44″ x 25″ tires? It’s got 521 cubic inch Big block Ford engine that’s making 700 HP! It has custom built C6 transmission, full manual valve body. Steering is fully hydraulic, but independent from front to rear. The rig weighs 15,000 pounds, and the pleasure of driving such a big, fancy and eye-catching beast, would cost you “only” $1.000.000!!

I don’t want to bore you with more details. You can see that this truck was built to be over the top, it has top notch parts and it looks great, too. And you can go anywhere with it and be the center of attention! Good job, Big Toyz Racing!