Starting at the $150 000 mark this list will go up to incredible heights of over $ 3 000 000 (yes 3 million), to show you a few of the most expensive bikes ever created. Some of them are clearly the top of the line in engineering like the $175 000 MTT Turbine Street-fighter which is powered by a Rolls Royse turbo-shaft engine producing around 325 horsepower at (you better sit down) 52 000 RPM. But some of them look quite normal like the Ducati Desmosedici D16RR NCR M16 valued at around $210 000. While watching the video please make a note on the top speed of the bikes that are featured. Most of them are hugely exaggerated, like the Ducati that we mentioned with a supposed top speed of 370km/h.

Also the Tomahawk is stated to have 1800cc when it actually has a V10 Viper engine with 8200cc.
Either way there are some cool things like a gold plated bike and titanium frame bikes.