Ride Of The Century or ROC is an annual event and it takes place for 3 days in September. The gathering consists of extreme freestyle street stunt bike riders that come from all over the US and even from Europe. Thousands of motorcycle riders enjoy this event performing or watching street bike stunts and tricks. One of the videos of this event is the following video which once again teaches us not to pull stunts and tricks in open traffic. It is always imperative to perform these dangerous maneuvers in a controlled environment in order to protect the safety of us and other motorists. The cause of this pile-up is a guy that decides to pull a wheelie in the middle of the crowded highway and crashes into the bike in front of him. A few of the drivers try the warn the bikes behind by taping the helmet and giving them a heads up, but not everybody stops in time…

Luckily most of the riders were not going that fast so the injuries were not severe.
Check out the big crash caused by showing off.