Chevrolet Camaro SS 50th Anniversary Edition Becomes Indy 500’s Pace Car

When you mention the number of 50 and even beyond that to the anniversary then we can only say: “Oh, man that is a...

Obama Car Vs Putin Car | Cadillac The Beast Vs ZIL-4112R

Designed from the ground up by the Secret Service, President Barack Obama's $1.5 million "Cadillac One," aka "The Beast," is a moving fortress impenetrable...

Cadillac One: Barack Obama’s Rolling Fortress is the Most Secure Car...

Since 1920, Cadillac produces limos and specialized cars for the Americans presidents, diplomats and ambassadors, and the iconic status of this brand is respected...

The Car That Lives in the World ” Beyond the Roads...

Amazing technology! This small craft was designed for the world “ beyond the roads ”. It is an easy-to-operate air and land craft that...

Insane Pee Prank!

We bet you are eager to see a prank like this one! If you ever catch somebody urinating on your vehicle you would probably...

Killer Rat Rod on the Street!

This insane 1957 Chevy Wagon Rat Rod definitely turns heads! If you want to draw a little bit of attention to your build, we...

2017 Audi A5 Sportback

Slated for a debut at the 2016 Paris Auto Show, the new Audi A5 Sportback has made an early debut, boasting a much needed...

Unique Ford 535 Hot Rod!

Pay attention to this Custom Ford 535 Hot Rod. The older the better! Machine lovers would absolutely love this one. This Ford 535 Hot...

The Cheapest Racing Exhaust in the World!

When tuners get their hands on a new car, initially, they go for the exhaust. It gives the car a new sound and frees...

How Women React to Cheap and Expensive Cars!

Have you ever wondered how women react to cheap and expensive cars? This social experiment comes from Vitaly and Jerome Jarre. They wanted to...

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