Since 1920, Cadillac produces limos and specialized cars for the Americans presidents, diplomats and ambassadors, and the iconic status of this brand is respected even nowadays.

When the president of the United States is driven through the streets of Washington DC or other cities around the world, he is driven inside a specially modified vehicle known simply as Cadillac One, Limo One or…. The Beast!
This car has a lot of dramatic design details implemented by the predecessors of the Cadillac cars, but now it comes with a new dorm, just for the Obama taste. It passed by enormous number of tests before it is driven, just to check the performances. These tests where in fully secret.

This 18 feet long car weighs 15.000 pounds (approximately – the exact number is classified) and the fuel consumption is about 8 miles to the gallon. In this Cadillac seats up to 7 people, with two in the front and three along with the president in the back. More tank then car its bodywork is made from dual hardened steel, aluminum, titanium and ceramics, with 5 inches thick bombproof windows that can withstand armor-piercing bullets. The interior is completely sealed to shield the president from biochemical attacks.


Its heavy armor plated doors are 8 inches thick, a reinforced steel plate running underneath the vehicle protects it from roadside bombs. The presidential limousine is equipped with a fire system, locking devices, a night vision camera as well as a pump-action shotgun and tear gas cannons. Extra weapons, an oxygen supply and bottles at the president’s blood type are also in the trunk.

For security, the fuel tank of the presidential limousine is armor-plated and wrapped in a special foam to prevent it from exploding in case of accident or attack even if it takes a direct hit. The tires are Kevlar reinforced shred and puncture resistant with steel rims and a run flat device that allow the car to continue driving at high speeds even if the tires are blasted away. It is so hard to imagine how to destroy this car!

Obama has available coded satellite phone with a direct line to the Pentagon and the Vice President and he can connect safely his laptop trough secure Wi-Fi.
By far, 12 cars were made and they cost enormously $ 1.5 million (each).