When you need to haul massive amounts of stuff plucked from inside the Earth, what do you use? Mining trucks, those giant, building-sized dump trucks that make the human beings operating them look like Lego minifigs, can weigh hundreds of tons.
But what happens when you need to transport one of these machines? They can’t simply be driven between job sites. Another vehicle is needed for the gig, and it might just surprise you.

They are often transported via the use of big trailers or even two articulated trucks! The image below shows a huge Euclid on the back of a low loader. Presumably just delivered to a working open cast mine.

Below the image depicts two trucks transporting the chassis and cab on low loader trailers.
When we see these one the roads they are normally accompanied by police cars and the trailers display a sign Wide Load…your not kidding either!


Talk about big FAT tires!
The tires for these big trucks are also just as huge and eight of them are maximum capacity for a semi to transport along the highway.


To put it in perspective, look at the semi truck’s own tires (which are already humongous compared to the other vehicles on the road).

In the video below you can see how Tri Drive Mack Titan and Heavi Haul Volvo carting Caterpillar 785C dump trucks in Australia.