Proof that the Maserati-Powered Lazareth LM847 Quad Actually Works

The craziest thing about the Lazareth LM847 isn't the 4.7-liter V8 engine sourced from Maserati. It's not the four-wheeled motorcycle design. It's not even...

Tablecloth Chaos – Mythbusters for the Impatient

One of the oldest tricks in the world is to remove a tablecloth without moving the objects or the silverware on the table. After...

Confuse the Cops with this Fearsome Helmets!

Wearing a helmet is a must when riding bikes, this is the first rule that every biker should learn and stand by it. No...

Harley Chopper With 4 Engines

Yeah, you read that right, this is a one off Harley Davidson with 4 FOUR engines! You probably remember the builder of “Double Trouble” the...

Drifting Epicness!- The Ultimate Victory Stunt Team in Action!

The Victory Stunt team can do things that you never thought possible! They put the supercharged Victory Magnum and Cross Country baggers through a...

Extreme Roller Coaster Ride With a Trials Bike

We all love roller coasters because they increase our adrenaline which (we can all agree to this) feels pretty nice. But there are some...

Motorcycle Police Officer Doing Cone Drills Like a Boss!

If you have never ridden a motorcycle in your life, let us tell you that conquering this course on a sport bike is exceptionally...

Introducing the Lewis Hamilton & MV Agusta Dragster RR

MV Agusta, started its life as Meccanica Verghera Agusta, and it is a world famous sport motorcycle manufacturer that was founded back in 1945...

The Biggest Trick in History of Action Sports-Triple Backflip!

It’s hard to believe your eyes when watching this! However, the world’s first FMX triple backflip has been done and Josh Sheehan entered the...

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is a Rottweiler Amongst the Retrievers

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is stoutly built, exuding a muscular power; an all-dude machine, the Rambo of motorcycles. It’s brutal, built to last,...

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