The World’s Most Expensive Motorcycles

Starting at the $150 000 mark this list will go up to incredible heights of over $ 3 000 000 (yes 3 million), to...

Rapom V8: Street Legal 1,200 HP Bad Ass Motorcycle

What to do with that spare Mopar big block you’ve got left over from your monster truck project? Why, let’s build a motorcycle! The unique...

Harley Davidson Night Rod – Special Custom

Made by the German tuner called 69Customs that mainly focus on modifying the Harley Davidson branded bikes this is the Harley Davidson Night ROD...

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is a Rottweiler Amongst the Retrievers

Confederate G2 P51 Combat Fighter is stoutly built, exuding a muscular power; an all-dude machine, the Rambo of motorcycles. It’s brutal, built to last,...

Bomber Babe Rides KTM RC8R Bee-DrifteR

Well, she has more balls then all of my friends who are too much of pussies to get bikes. More chicks should ride. G-String...

Extreme Roller Coaster Ride With a Trials Bike

We all love roller coasters because they increase our adrenaline which (we can all agree to this) feels pretty nice. But there are some...

Police Brutality – The Most Brutal and Shocking Police Assault!

All over the Internet we can see brutal and shocking police assaults on people that are really not pleasant for the eye. Police brutality...

Harley Davidson Night Rod Special by FREDY

In 2001 Harley Davidson presented a brand new model called V-Rod, and just like any other legendary Harley product it became an instant success. The...

Turbocharged Custom Harley Davidson!

Here we have some Estonians which unlike in the movies have portrait them as all gangsters fighting alongside the Russians, really know what they...

The Biggest Trick in History of Action Sports-Triple Backflip!

It’s hard to believe your eyes when watching this! However, the world’s first FMX triple backflip has been done and Josh Sheehan entered the...

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